Hearing Health (MN) - Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Summer is finally here, the perfect time to get out and have some fun in the sun. For those of us with hearing aids, there are a few factors that mean we have to take special care of our devices throughout the season. Here’s what you should know about taking care of your hearing aids this summer. 

Don’t Sweat It

Because the weather is warmer, there’s a higher likelihood your hearing aids will be exposed to perspiration during the summer. Most modern hearing aids have some protection against damage from sweat, but hearing aid function can be compromised or distorted by moisture. Condensation can build up and get into the delicate parts of our hearing aid or build up in the plastic tubing. If you’ve got a particularly long, sweaty day ahead of you, schedule breaks to wipe down and dry your hearing aids. At night, make sure you have a dehumidifying storage case they can air out in while you sleep.

Keep Out of the Splash Zone

Summer is swimming season. The joys of a beach day or doing laps in the pool are the perfect remedy to summer heat. Unfortunately, so much watery fun isn’t good for your hearing aids. It is easy to damage and lose your devices if you don’t remove them before getting into the water. Don’t forget to bring a protective waterproof case with you to the pool that can keep your hearing aids safe from exposure to poolside water like puddles, wet towels, and splashes.

For most hearing aids, being submerged in water is a no go – it can damage all elements of the technology and design. While many hearing aids have a protective coating to resist damage from everyday dirt and moisture, some hearing aids are especially water resistant. The Phonak Lyric is manufactured to resist higher levels of moisture – such as showering. Oticon also has options for special water-resistant coating on a few of its models. While water-resistant hearing aids help, they are not built to be submerged in water and cannot be used for swimming.

If you are a swimmer, you may want to consider the Aquaris from Siemens/Signia, a truly waterproof hearing aid. Aquaris is able to withstand water submersion, and at this time it is the only hearing aid on the market to truly do so.

Beat the Heat

While you may savor soaking up the sun’s rays this season, your hearing aids can’t do the same. Hearing aids are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures. Electronic components can malfunction and casing materials can melt or warp in excessive heat. For summertime, this means being mindful of where you store your hearing aids. Never leave your hearing aids in a hot car, where summer heat can easily top 100°F. Similarly, avoid placing your hearing aids in the direct sun outdoors or near bright windows. At the beach, keep your hearing aids in a protective case that you store in a bag or under an umbrella, away from direct sunlight.

The Nitty Gritty

Summer gives us an extra helping of sun and surf, and it also increases our exposure to small particulate matter –sand, dirt, and even pollen can be an issue for hearing aids during the summer months. In particular, sand seems to have a way of getting into everything during the summer.

If you are planning a beach day, make sure you know how to treat your hearing aids while on the shore. Never touch your hearing aids with sandy hands wipe your hands down with a towel or napkin before touching your hearing device. Also make sure you have the right hearing aid storage for the job. Your hearing aid case for the beach should be tight sealing and waterproof so sand can’t infiltrate it. Don’t leave your hearing aid case directly in the sand, instead store it in a bag or clean towel to further protect your devices.


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